Shaping National Politics and Amplifying
Minnesota’s Voice at the RNC


Alex’s impeccable record of attendance at every single RNC meeting, including trainings and regional gatherings, since his initial election stands as a testament to his unwavering commitment and dedication.

This consistent presence is not just about showing up; it reflects Alex’s deep understanding of the importance of being fully engaged and informed on all matters impacting the party and, by extension, the people of Minnesota.

His attendance ensures that the interests and voices of Minnesotans are represented at every level of decision-making. Unlike anyone else in the state, Alex’s perfect attendance record highlights his reliability and dedication, making him a unique and vital advocate for Minnesota’s interests within the national political landscape.

This consistent involvement allows him to influence discussions, forge meaningful relationships, and bring back valuable insights and opportunities to his home state, strengthening Minnesota’s influence within the national Republican Party.


Alex has played a crucial role in amplifying Minnesota’s influence within the Republican National Committee by skillfully navigating the RNC corridors to ensure our state’s voice resonates loud and clear.

By forging strong connections with numerous RNC members, including a close relationship with the new chair, Michael Whatley, Alex has positioned himself at the heart of the committee’s decision-making process. His involvement extends deeply into strategic areas; he has been an active participant on the presidential debates committee for the past two years, playing a key role in shaping the dialogue and direction of these crucial events.

Additionally, Alex’s commitment to integrating values into politics is highlighted by his role as a founding member of the RNC’s new faith advisory committee.

Through these pivotal positions, Alex brings Minnesota’s perspectives to the national stage and ensures that these values are in the party’s future.


In the lead-up to the pivotal 2023 election for RNC Chairman, Alex proactively connected with every State Central Delegate and Alternate, genuinely seeking their perspectives on the future leadership of the RNC. Alex stood out as the sole member of Minnesota’s RNC state delegation who voted in direct alignment with the will of the Delegates and Alternates. This action reinforced his dedication to truly listening and responding to the community’s call, ensuring their voices were heard and respected at the national level.


Because Alex attended every meeting, he was able to bring back one of the best practices from the RNC and implement it for the Minnesota GOP. Demonstrating his commitment to innovative leadership, Alex founded the 1776 Club, offering a unique and impactful way to support the MN GOP. Each member received a uniquely minted coin as a token of appreciation for joining the 1776 Club. These collector’s items are reminders of gratitude for your support and a piece of history in your hands.