Alex Plechash Minnesota's National Committeeman for the Republican National Committee



“Alex has an amazing military background who has proven himself as a civic leader and a thought leader at the RNC. He is perfectly set to help make sure President Trump gets elected in November. I know he is 100% dedicated to doing what is necessary. America is on the verge of catastrophe and we need people like Alex on the RNC to do the tough job ahead of us.”

David Bossie

RNC National Committeeman - MD, Former Deputy Campaign Manager for President Trump, Director of the 2016 Presidential Transition Team

“As Chair of the Illinois Republican Party, having gotten to know Alex through our mutual service on the RNC, I proudly endorse Alex Plechash for re-election as the National Committeeman for Minnesota. Alex has diligently represented Minnesota on the RNC, fostering crucial regional and national relationships and advancing our conservative values. Maintaining Alex’s experience is paramount to building Republican momentum during this crucial election year. Rather than starting over with a rookie, let’s continue to entrust Alex with this vital role.”

Don Tracy

Chairman of the Republican Party of Illinois

“Alex brings a Marine’s sense of duty. He’s a Patriot, and out of love for country and loyalty to our party, he always works to pull people together towards our common goal. He’s experienced, he’s savvy, he plays to win — he’s been a great committeeman for Minnesota.”

Richard Porter

RNC National Committeeman for IL

“Alex is a proven leader and exemplifies the qualities that make him a trusted member of the RNC-honesty, integrity, hardworking, and the demeanor to encourage unity while standing tall for conservative values. I am proud to support Alex for re-election as National Committeeman.”

Kathy Berden

RNC National Committeewoman Michigan

“I was blessed to travel with Alex to Israel in November 2023, just a few weeks after the horrific attack by Hamas. I know him to be a fine person of true depth and genuine love for his fellow man. Alex is a real American hero, having served our country as a Marine Aviator. He is a strong leader on the Republican National Committee who stands for Minnesotan Republican values. The RNC needs Alex’s grassroots activism, experience, leadership, and his conservative voice to help take back the White House and the Senate, and grow our majority in the House of Representatives.”

Leora R. Levy

RNC National Committeewoman for CT

“As the RNC National Committeeman for New Hampshire and a close friend of Alex Plechash, I wholeheartedly endorse his re-election as Minnesota’s RNC National Committeeman.

A graduate of the Naval Academy at Annapolis, Alex has dedicated his life to public service, consistently demonstrating a deep commitment to our country and military veterans. Our recent participation in an RNC Delegation to Israel following the tragic events near Gaza highlighted Alex’s deep understanding of international and domestic challenges—an insight that is invaluable to the RNC.

Alex’s dedication and strategic insights are crucial for our continued success. His readiness to lead and unwavering commitment are testaments to his character. I urge you to re-elect Alex Plechash, so he can continue his important work, benefiting us all.”

Bill O’Brien

Former Speaker, New Hampshire House of Representatives, RNC National Committeeman - NH

Minnesota can be quite proud of the way Alex Plechash has represented your state at RNC. A dedicated and diligent member, he takes the role seriously. He swiftly and thoroughly investigates before taking action which is crucial in today’s political climate. His military experience and fighter pilot training give him an ease in facing any crisis with a measured and timely response. Now more than ever, MN, the RNC, and America need the principled and proven leadership of Alex Plechash. I give Alex my whole-hearted support and encourage you to send him back to the RNC as your National Committeeman!”

Tamara Scott

RNC National Committeewoman - Iowa

“Alex Plechash and I serve on the RNC Presidential Debates Committee together. He has been quietly effective and influential in crafting RNC policy. He represents the grassroots in Minnesota well. I encourage you to send him back.”

Solomon Yue

Republican National Committeeman for Oregon, Co-founder of RNC Conservative Steering Committee and Republican National Conservative Caucus

“I am proud to endorse Alex Plechash in his bid for reelection as Minnesota’s Republican National Committeeman. Alex is a committed movement conservative who has impressed me as a valuable member and who is respected by his fellow RNC members as a hard working and effective member of the team. He is tenacious and goes beyond the call of duty in working to get our Republican candidates elected. Minnesota will have a highly effective and respected member fighting for you 24/7.”

Steve Shreffler


“Alex is a dedicated supporter of the Republican Party, he is an independent thinker, has developed many relationships among the RNC members that are helpful to the Republicans of MN and has a history of getting things done. He is an effective leader, with common sense and an attitude that looks to solutions for the party and MN. Please re-elect Alex for NCM of MN.”

Perrie Schafer

Immediate Past Chair ND Republican Party

“It’s my honor to endorse and support Alex Plechash for Republican National Committeeman for the State of Minnesota. For the past few years I’ve worked alongside Alex on the Republican National Committee and have observed first-hand how he’s been an ambassador for Minnesota and its citizens, his strong work ethic and commitment to both public and military service, as well as his thoughtful and solid points of view on local and national issues such as our economy, education, public safety, and religious freedoms. I encourage, without reservation, all of my friends in MN to vote for Alex because I know he will continue to work hard as a stellar National Committeeman.”

José Cunningham

Washington, DC National Committeeman

“I had the privilege of traveling with Alex in Israel in November of 2023, shortly after the terrorist attacks. It was a uniquely special way to get to know one of my RNC colleagues, separate from observing his RNC committee contributions. He is incredibly disciplined and effective without feeling the need to broadcast his accomplishments. I am particularly impressed with Alex’s devotion and service in the US Marine Corps. He has been a terrific representative of, and advocate for his constituents in Minnesota.”

Shawn Steele

RNC National Committeeman - CA

“I’ve watched Alex work on the Republican National Committee for a number of years and have always known him to be a solid conservative who wants to build our Party and make it more effective at accomplishing our goal: winning!  I heartily endorse his re-election as National Committeeman!”

Drew McKissick

SC Republican Party Chairman, Former RNC Co-Chairman

“I have gotten to know Alex over the last few years and know him to be a levelheaded, strategic thinker who is quietly effective. When he speaks, people listen. He has been a valuable contributor to the RNC and given his experience and noteworthy leadership background, we expect he will continue to be an effective leader and advocate for Minnesota over the next four years.”

Jeff Kent

National Committeeman for WA, RNC Rules Committee Chairman

“Alex is a strong leader and has been a valuable member on the Republican National Committee. He recognizes the changes that are necessary to make the organization stronger and has the experience to help implement those changes to make the Party even more effective in electing Republicans Nationally and in Minnesota. As Chair of Faith Engagement for the RNC, I also appreciate Alex’ leadership on our committee and look forward to continuing our work of engaging people of faith all across the country.”

Robin Armstrong, MD

RNC Committeeman Texas, Chair Faith Engagement RNC

“I am proud to endorse Alex…a true patriot who knows how to work with others to achieve the best possible results.  Added to that he’s smart, knowledgeable and has the experience to best serve the Republican Party of Minnesota. Minnesota is well served having Alex as their National Committeeman!”

Demetra DeMonte

RNC Vice Chair and National Committeewoman for Illinois.

I heartily encourage Minnesota Republicans to support Alex Plechash as your National Committeeman. He is a leader on the RNC and not afraid to take a stand to protect the institution of the RNC and our core mission of winning elections.

Henry Barbour

RNC National Committeeman - Mississippi

“Alex Plechash is a respected member of the RNC and represents Minnesota extremely well in his position as RNC National Committeeman. I have served on several committees with Alex and found him to be knowledgeable and an active and engaged member. He is a strong advocate for electing Republicans to lead our country and our states.
It would be in the best interest of Minnesota Republicans to re-elect Alex to continue to represent your state as National Committeeman.”

Cynthia Henry

NCW Alaska

“Alex is a true voice that stands strong for the Republican Party, America First and most importantly for Minnesota.

Alex and I came into the RNC at the same time. Because of his love for God, Family, Country and his great sense of humor- we became friends and trusted allies.

I would encourage Minnesota to re-elect Alex. He is a strong voice and we need him on our team.”

Nina Webber

RNC National Committeewoman Wyoming

“There is no one more honored and respected on the RNC Committee than Alex Plechash. Aside from his years of service to the United States, his humble manner and incredible intellect has made Alex one of the most powerful forces inside the RNC. For the last four years, Alex and I have served exclusively on the Presidential Debates Committee and made significant changes to make sure our future Republican Presidential nominees will get the fair shake they deserve. As we have labored through many hours of meetings and conversations, Alex dedication and commitment to the Republican Party was only matched by his gracious attitude to me. It has been a true honor getting to spend time with Alex Plechash.”

Scott Golden

Chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party

Alex Plechash Minnesota's National Committeeman for the Republican National Committee
Alex Plechash Minnesota's National Committeeman for the Republican National Committee